Use Case

Identity Fraud Detection

Keep fraudsters out of your system for airtight peace of mind

Fraud attacks have grown rapidly in the past few years, both in number and sophistication.Where once it was forged checks, today it can be a complete identity. As a business or government organization, you need an intelligent way to identify fraud ahead of time, automating the detection and mitigation of illegal activity in your transactions.


Our holistic B-Trust platform provides our customers with the optimal solution for identifying fraud and stopping it in its tracks.


The platform completes all necessary background checks and monitors user activity on an ongoing basis, allowing you the peace of mind you need that all customers are verified, and your user’s sensitive information remains secure.


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ID Authentication

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Robust and reliable liveness detection

To verify and authenticate end users

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Duplicate identity detection

Tested and proven 1:n matching engine

The Key Benefits

Supporting the end to end process from onboarding through the entire customer lifecycle.

Easy integration into existing legacy systems through APIs and third-party connectors.

Full audit-trail on all transactions within the system.

Watch B-Trust Platform in Action

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