Use Case

Accepting or Giving Gifts or Invitations
for Hospitality or Entertainment (G&E)​

Manage Corruption Risks in the Most Efficient and Effective Way

Most companies have strict and clear rules in place for gifts & entertainment (G&E) to protect their company from reputational risks or even official investigations. Cases of corruption happen every day all over the world with countries ranked by Transparency International.


Many companies handle G&E requests by Compliance Officers, who manually review cases and give advice. This can be a resource-intensive and time-sensitive task, taking the manager away from higher-value tasks, and putting the burden on the staff member to make complex decisions about whether to accept the gift in question.


Automate a G&E Approval Workflow in Minutes

Using B-Trust, this process can be fully automated to reflect the specific corporate policy of your organization, using a combination of configurable Apps. The Form Builder creates a visual interface for the end-user with all relevant data fields and in the Decision Matrix App, the corporate’s rules for G&E are reflected, such as thresholds, or type of invitation. We also add the PEP Screening Connector to check if a government official is involved.


Depending on the policy, crucial requests can be escalated to Compliance for manual review which can be accessed from the Case Management Tool. At every stage, the process is documented to provide a thorough and transparent audit trail.

The Key Benefits

Automatic documentation for an audit or investigation a

Takes the burden off human staff

Streamlined approval process handles G&E in minutes

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