Use Case

ID Life Cycle Management

Control your user Ongoing identity

The most important asset of the financial institution or any other entity is the customer, making a customer-centric approach vital, even after the onboarding process is complete. 


Your organization needs to manage the identity of the customer throughout their lifecycle in the organization, managing customers lists and data seamlessly and without error.


The B-Trust platform is astate-of-the-art tool providing identity management across business units and service channels, both at scale and in real time.

The processes maintained within
the platform are as follows:


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Full Audit-Trail​

On all transactions within the system

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Ongoing identity verification

Including address update, expired ID tracking, and more

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Automatic user alerts and reminders

With just one click

The Key Benefits

Supporting the end to end process from onboarding through the entire customer lifecycle.

Easy integration into existing legacy systems through APIs and third-party connectors.

Full audit-trail on all transactions within the system.

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